Your Social Commerce Platform

Find and sell to mobile and online consumers based on their social and buying preferences!

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Step 1

Your Social Commerce Platform

Boost conversions with mobile and proximity technologies that enable your business to find and sell to mobile and online consumers based on their social and buying preferences!

Step 2

Insights Into Customer Preferences

Get in front of the “buy” using SocialBillity algorithms to discover what new and existing customers want to buy before they’ve decided where to buy from!

Step 3

Automated Personalized Offers Engine

SocialBillity can automatically generate custom VIP offers based on the customer’s preferences to boost your sales and marketing efforts!

Step 4

Accept Retail & Digital Payments

Accept credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other forms digital payments through your retail or online store. Integrate with proximity technology to promote offers and process payments as a part of the
seamless SocialBillity experience

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Billity = Digital Payments


Sign-up for the SocialBillity mPOS or reprogram your POS terminal to take advantage of our low rates starting at 1.45%!

E-Commerce & Mobile

Get an amazing online or mobile shopping experience and make it simple for your customers to make payments.

Loyalty Programs

Offer loyalty programs that
will increase sales and incentivize customers to get the word out about your business!!


Unlock features and save even more on your merchant services fees when you subscribe to SocialBillity.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Consulting & Customization

Social Marketing

Results driven social and guerilla marketing campaigns customized for your business!

Payment Solutions

Get a custom, white-label payment solution branded for your enterprise and start selling to your customers today!

Product Development

Work with our product
development specialists to foster new product innovations and enhancements.


We design rich and engaging mobile apps and websites for guaranteed higher engagement.

Ready to take your business to the next level?


1 location
Up to 100 customer profile views
25 personalized offers
25 direct messages
$299 per/mo
or $0*
1-2 locations
Up to 1000 customer profile views
500 personalized offers
250 direct messages
$499 per/mo
or $0*
Up to 10 locations
5,000 customer profile views
5,000 personalized offers
2,500 direct messages
Unlimited locations
Unlimited per location
Unlimited personalized offers
Unlimited direct messages
 Industry Best Rates
Free terminals
1.45% starting rate
Integrate with Socialbillity
Add-in your product inventory
*Automatically get SocialBillity when you sign-up for our merchant services


About Us

SocialBillity is a social commerce platform that enables businesses to improve customer experiences and sales through the use of the social and buying preferences of new and existing customers.

SocialBillity and the SocialBillity mPOS are currently only available to U.S. and Canadian businesses.

Launched in 2016 and based in Seattle Washington, our team consists of former Fortune 200 leaders in digital payments, UX design, web and mobile development, commercialization and social media marketing.

Contact us today! We have a specialist standing by to help your company achieve its innovation, sales and cost saving goals!